Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated Boxes with full color CMYK/PMS printing process 14pt, 18pt and 24pt card stock available with Foiling, Embossing, Spot UV and other custom print options. We do fully customized your Corrugated Boxes at very low price with no minimum order quantity. Fill in the quote form to get price quote right away. FREE Shipping & Design Services.
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Size / Styles Corrugated Boxes Different shapes, styles and various sizes are available, according to clients' specific requirements.
Specification Corrugated Boxes Customize with client's logos and designs.
Colors Corrugated Boxes with CMYK full color and pantone color.
Finishing Options Corrugated Boxes with Matte /gloss lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, spot UV, gold / silver hot stamping, emboss or deboss are all available
Production Time 7 - 10 business working days. Rush delivery available.

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Role of corrugated boxes in packaging

At present, corrugated cardboard takes a leading place in the world market among materials used as packaging, because now in production only environmentally friendly raw materials are used. The corrugated box consists of 99% of cellulose, i.e. has the possibility of recycling and natural self-destruction. From the ecological point of view, it is the packaging that is subject to recycling without the use of special disposal measures. If we compare the packaging from the polymer, then cardboard will be more rational in terms of ecology.

Corrugated cardboard boxes packaging sizes

The carton is made of several layers of corrugated cardboard. These layers are called grooves. There are three types of cards:
- The single corrugated cardboard which has a single layer of corrugated cardboard
- The double corrugated which has two layers of corrugated cardboard
- The triple corrugated cardboard which has three layers of corrugated cardboard
- Four layer corrugated cardboard
- Five layer corrugated cardboard

The heavier the object, the more it needs a thick corrugated box to support its weight. For example, household appliances and crockery are to be placed in double or even triple flute cartons to ensure effective protection during transport. However, do not forget to surround them with bubble wrap to protect them from shocks. Light items, such as magazines or stuffed animals, may fit in a single corrugated cardboard box.

- Does not contain harmful impurities; - 100% recyclable; - the simplicity of assembly and transportation; - strength and lightness; - the convenience of storage.

The top is usually tightened with shrink film. This kind of packing of goods is actively used by producers of confectionery and meat product. Consist of one sheet with fold lines. This corrugated box is easy to transport and collect directly on the packaging site (in warehouses and large bases).
They are a liner (substrate), which is used to separate goods inside the corrugated packaging. The corrugated box is used as a basis for packaging various food products, which are tightened from above by a shrink film. The use of component parts allows increasing the reliability and comfort of transportation and storage in cardboard boxes: which is a closed boxed structure designed to reinforce the stiffness of cardboard packaging and packaging. Inserts - a sheet of corrugated cardboard of a given size, can be used both to strengthen the box, as well as to delimit space (creating a new layer). They differ from shells in that they are devoid of a joint.

Corrugated box of standard design

In addition to the corrugated box of standard design (four-valve corrugated boxes), by manufacturing a die-shaped mould (a die for which the box will be cut), it is possible to manufacture boxes of complex configuration (die cutting), corrugated pallets, trays and other products of non-standard shapes and sizes. Also, at the request of the customer, we provide services for applying one-colour or two-colour flexo printing using high-quality imported paints for all types of corrugated packaging (logos, images, etc.). It is possible to select and produce corrugated boxes according to individual sizes, taking into account the specifics of the goods, technical conditions. High-quality packaging

Corrugated containers fully realize their need for high-quality packaging of their products and minimizing, therefore, the risks of its damage during transportation. If necessary, the corrugate can be made of several layers of cardboard, which greatly enhances its supporting structure and allows its use for transporting products with a high specific gravity. Self-assembled

One of the names of products from corrugated cardboard, better known as corrugated paper. Under the term corrugated boxes, several types of products are understood at once. These can be self-assembled corrugated boxes, four-valve corrugated boxes, open corrugated boxes and various narrowly oriented species. Our company can produce for you any of the above while respecting all standards and the required size.

Three-ply corrugated boxes

The most common and universal type of corrugated cardboard is produced from a three-ply corrugated cardboard, which is manufactured with a four-valve bottom and a lid, it is delivered folded when assembled, the valves are sealed with adhesive tape. The convenience of cutting
Due to the convenience of cutting and technological simplicity of production, the four-valve corrugated box is the most inexpensive type of packaging. It is perfectly suitable for packaging food industry products, for example, in the production of confectionery products, meat and milk products, various semi-finished products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and others.

Four-valve corrugated box

The design of the four-valve corrugated box is made of five-layer corrugated cardboard, has increased thermal insulation properties. It will be especially useful when transporting perishable food that requires special conditions for transportation and storage.

Uses of corrugated boxes

It is used for packaging confectionery products transported in bulk, not having individual packaging, thanks to its use; the product itself is reliably protected from damage and foreign objects. Corrugated flakes are used for transportation of food products. The main consumers are small and medium-sized food producers, who have daily goods shipped to consumers.
We accept orders for the manufacture of corrugated packaging, corrugated boxes, as well as other packaging of various sizes and configurations of two, three and five-layer corrugated cardboard with a white and brown surface layer, for confectionery, pizza, medicines, cosmetics, perfumery, household chemicals, pasta, dairy, meat and fish products, consumer and industrial goods and other products. Please fill the quote form below and get corrugated boxes with FREE shipping.

Die-cut design of Corrugated Boxes for our clientsNo matter the printing and size you need, simply let us know your request or email us at, our designer would provide you respond shortly. A PDF/Adobe Illustrator layout work is going to be delivered to you straight away.


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