Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes

Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes
Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes with full color CMYK/PMS printing process 14pt, 18pt and 24pt card stock available with Foiling, Embossing, Spot UV and other custom print options. We do fully customized your Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes at very low price with no minimum order quantity. Fill in the quote form to get price quote right away. FREE Shipping & Design Services.
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Size / Styles Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes Different shapes, styles and various sizes are available, according to clients' specific requirements.
Specification Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes Customize with client's logos and designs.
Colors Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes with CMYK full color and pantone color.
Finishing Options Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes with Matte /gloss lamination, vanish, aqueous coating, spot UV, gold / silver hot stamping, emboss or deboss are all available
Production Time 7 - 10 business working days. Rush delivery available.

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Beauty lies inside the eyes. To enhance the beauty of your eyes and to attract other toward yourself eye liners are used. Without these products your day is incomplete. These are considered to be the basic element in the eye makeup of every type. Various types of eye liners are available in market like gel, cake, powder, liquid liners. This beauty item requires packing for its safety and preservation. Eye liner boxes perform this duty well. These boxes maintain the quality of the product for long term of time by give them protection from external environment. They keep the cosmetic utility save and also in its original form. These boxes also increase the appearance and the elegancy of the product thus grab more attention.

In order to fulfill the requirements of customers these packing boxes are made with competitive designs and patterns. These valuable options are given  to you only by customer eye liner boxes. These boxes are available in a lot of size, style and thickness options. These options depends upon the nature of the product, its demands or client specifications. Their size and shape mostly depends upon the product specifications so that to provide the product more beauty and reliability. These boxes are not only considered as the packing boxes but for the products it also serve as an insignia of brand or company. A beautifully design box look marvelous and professional and  can grab more attention of client. These boxes are also made fashionable because  to the fact that they are used to displayed on market shelves and also at homes in dressing tables etc.

Eyeliner boxes are made with cardboard or paper sheet having the stock of either 14pt,16pt, 18pt. the thickness of the box depends upon demand. These cardboard material is subjected to die cutting method to make boxes. This technique make more elegant and stylish boxes and also lower the cost of making boxes as in this method no binding material like glue, staple or tape is required. Eyeliner boxes printed are best option for all those having the business of cosmetics. Although these boxes are small in size and have less space but the modern techniques like digital printing gives you the endless options of printing. Other printing techniques involves are pantone with CMYK combinations, special and raised ink system, emboss ink system, offset printing etc. these printing techniques are used to print beautiful graphics and artwork in variety of different color combinations. Finishing options includes lamination, filing, stamping and UV spotting gives additional features but not raise the cost and your budget. Thus in all manners eye line box printed gives you endless result in short quick time with minimum rates.

The Custom Lip/Eyeliner Boxes are Supreme Cosmetic Marketing Tool

Each one the main elements used in eye makeup are not complete without the eyeliners. All these eyeliners come in several paperwork such as gel, powder and liquid liners. Producers of those objects require an ideal packaging to advertise their respect brand new. Consequently, they utilize the eyeliner boxes to keep this constitute program in its own distinctive realm and quality for quite a lengthy period of time. These creative boxes do not more just package deal the merchandise but they also function as an insignia of a decorative emblem. A fantastic way to receive your targeted earnings result, it is far very significant so you are able to produce the eyeliner boxes as attractive as possible. This is because There Are Lots of similar brands Within the Current Market, so you Have to Be distinct

Making lip/eyeliner boxes longer imaginative

There are a couple of crucial stuff you cannot simply exit whilst picking on or producing the eyeliner boxes. They might be also very crucial to the overall nice of those bins. They include this substance, first-rate of ink, design, shape, and colorations. Others are still there, but these ones recorded here are quite special to the last output. The fabric this is utilized for manufacturing that the eyeliner boxes ought to be robust. Remember the packing protects the pigment from becoming scratched. In addition, for colors, pick attractive colorations which possess the capacity to lure onlookers into sorting out the eye pens. Anyone would like to flourish their earnings. That is precisely why it is miles necessary to employ precise best boxes for your own manufacturers. Producers also guarantee that these eyeliner packaging boxes also bears interesting product titles. For example "an extreme effect". You can use this to make a couple of hype in your logo.

Custom Made inclusion in lip/eyeliner boxes

It is possible to also add windows to those boxes. The window raises the chances of getting them seen with the assistance of capability shoppers without any difficulty. It is necessary to understand there are dozens and dozens of eyeliner variety available on the marketplace these days; the packaging boxes together with all the satisfactory works of art are possibly in a greater role to grab the interest of their target industry.

Customized layouts of eyeliner boxes

It is quite crucial with the intention to receive innovative at this variable or get people that understand it better to do it to you. Additionally, it is available as a means to make some gifts whilst you look at your paintings to experts. What they do is that they offer you a template for you, so that you may view and trust the design and coloration before they proceed.

We offer a number of options for custom printed cosmetic lip/eye lining boxes in a variety of dimensions and fashions. Among the main reason for boxes is always to present an attractive and professional outlook for the product additionally to guard the surrounded product within the elements. Cosmetic lip/eye lining box printing is always to print a box that is designed to meet all your demands, including size, shape, color, thickness, design plus much more. Our color printed boxes along with your artwork. We offer personalized cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner boxes exactly for the size you will need. We will also make your artwork print ready totally free.

Die-cut design of Cosmetic Lip/Eyeliner Boxes for our clientsNo matter the printing and size you need, simply let us know your request or email us at, our designer would provide you respond shortly. A PDF/Adobe Illustrator layout work is going to be delivered to you straight away.


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